Liechtenstein Rated Number One European Producer in Organic Agriculture

The latest report by “World of Organic Agriculture”, which examines organic agriculture in 170 countries, shows that Liechtenstein has the highest percentage of organic agriculture in Europe. One third of the agricultural landscape in Liechtenstein is worked organically.

The demand for organic products in Liechtenstein has continuously increased over the last 24 years. According to Klaus Büchel, Director of the Association for Rural Organization in Liechtenstein (VBO), reasons for these high demands are consumers’ change in values. Liechtenstein consumers more and more value high quality organic products, as well as the humane treatment of animals. Liechtenstein and Switzerland have the strictest Protection of Animals Acts as well as cultivation regulations worldwide. One third of Liechtenstein’s farm animals are raised and kept organically.

One advantage that Liechtenstein has is that about 60 percent of agricultural products produced in Liechtenstein are consumed within the Liechtenstein market. This leads to a further advantage that Liechtenstein offers: the short distances between producer and consumer. This is very important regarding maintaining a sustainable agricultural system as well as the country maintaining a low environmental footprint.

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