Liechtenstein Elects New Government

On February 3rd, parliamentary elections were held in Liechtenstein to elect members to the 25 seat parliament, the Landtag. Elections in Liechtenstein are by proportional representation. The Patriotic Union lost five seats in parliament making the Progressive Citizens' Party the party holding the majority of the seats with ten. In addition, the center-left Free List party increased its seats in the Landtag by two. It is particularly noteworthy that for the first time in Liechtenstein’s history, there will be four parties represented in parliament, as the newly formed group The Independents garnered four seats from the election. Some of the major issues during this particular election cycle included taxes and the state budget.

Liechtenstein's new Cabinet of Ministers (from left): Minister Marlies Amann-Marxer (Infrastructure, Environment, Sport), Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Zwiefelhofer (Home Affairs, Justice, Economic Affairs), Prime Minister Adrian Hasler, Minister Aurelia Frick (Foreign Affairs, Education, Culture), and Minister Mauro Pedrazzini (Social Affairs).

On March 27th, the new government assumed office with the Patriotic Union (VU) and the Progressive Citizens' party (FBP) forming a ruling coalition. Adrian Hasler, national police chief and member of the FBP was elected by the members of Parliament to be Prime Minister with Thomas Zwiefelhofer (VU) assuming the role of Deputy Prime Minister. Joining them as part of the cabinet are Aurelia Frick (Foreign Affairs, Education, Culture), Marlies Amann-Marxer (Infrastructure, Environment, Sport) and Mauro Pedrazzini (Social Affairs). With the exception of Aurelia Frick, all the members of the executive will be serving for the first time in their respective roles. In his speech following the swearing-in by head of state Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, Prime Minister Hasler said of his new cabinet, "I am convinced that we will make a reliable partner domestically and abroad which is the foundation for the successful development of our country. All future challenges we can only solve together in our national interest."

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