Hilti Art Foundation Opens Exhibition Building in Vaduz

On May 23 the Hilti Art Foundation opened a new exhibition building in Vaduz, an extension of the Kunstmuseum, which is currently displaying 50 select paintings, sculptures, and objects that are part of the Hilti family’s private collection. The assortment is spread out among three floors, with each floor corresponding to a different theme and era. The bulk of the collection ranges from the late 19th century up to contemporary artwork from today.

Max Beckmann «Selbstbildnis mit Glaskugel», 1936. Oil on canvas.

The Hilti family, known for founding and operating one of Liechtenstein’s most successful companies, Hilti, a world-leading manufacturer of innovative and specialized tools and fastening systems for the construction industry, began collecting art back in the 1970s. Over the past 45 years the Hilti family has amassed over 200 select pieces, which embody many of the art movements that occurred between the period of classical modernism to the present. Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism are among the select influential art styles that are displayed in the museum. The exhibition contains works from many prominent artists including Pablo Picasso, Ernst Kirchner, Alberto Giacometti, and Max Beckman.

Alberto Giacometti «Buste d'homme (Eli Lotar II)», 1964/65. Bronze (cast: 1973).

The highlight of the current exhibition would be Max Beckmann’s "Self Portrait with Glass Ball" (Selbstbildnis mit Glaskugel), as well as works from Paul Gauguin, Joan Miró, and Georgia O'Keefe. Each floor of the museum highlights a different genre and period. The ground floor represents select artistic manifestations from 1910-1970. The first floor consists of classical modernism sculptures and paintings from the late 1800s to mid-1900s, while the top floor comprises post-World War II art.

Pablo Picasso «Femme dans un fauteuil», 1932. Oil on canvas.

The museum building itself, with its capacious walls and collaborative design, is also art. The structure, which was commissioned by the architectural company Morger + Dettli, is a geometrical masterpiece. The cubic-form, white walls and light-flooded halls create a striking atmosphere inside the structure. The building’s minimalist design contrasts well with the brilliant and vibrant art selection that adorns the three stories of foyers and atriums.

The current exhibit at the Hilti Art Foundation Museum is on view from May 23, 2015- October 9, 2016. The exhibit is open from 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday, and Thursday 10am-8pm.

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