Liechtenstein to Co-Host 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival

From January 25-30, 2015 Liechtenstein, along with its bordering neighbor of the Austrian State of Voralberg, will co-host the winter 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). A total of 49 countries from across Europe will participate with about 1500 athletes between the ages of 14-18.

Sporting disciplines will include alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathalon, ski jumping, ice hockey and more. The Liechtenstein villages of Malbun and Steg will respectively play host to downhill and cross-country skiing events.

According to the EYOF website "the idea of the EYOF is based on the idea and the initiative of the former International Olympic Committee president, Mr. Jaques Rogge. The goal, on one hand, is to give athletes at an early age, the chance to compete with international athletes in Olympic conditions and on the other hand, to communicate the Olympic values such as friendship, excellence and respect"


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