Ambassador Fritsche Visits Los Angeles

Upon invitation by Dr. Juli Minoves-Triquell, Assistant Professor of Political Science, former Ambassador of the Principality of Andorra to the United Nations and former Foreign Minister of Andorra, on October 30 Ambassador Claudia Fritsche visited the University of La Verne where she met with students and faculty.

Ambassador Claudia Fritsche takes a selfie with La Verne University students.

The day began with a breakfast reception hosted by University President Devorah Lieberman, followed by a walking tour of the campus. Ambassador Fritsche then spoke to an audience of faculty and students, including many Model United Nations students, at the university's Morgan Auditorium.

Her speech titled "A World with Gender Balance?" touched on issues such as gender equality, violence against women; women, peace and security, and the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. In explaining Liechtenstein's foreign policy priorities she pointed out that "women’s human rights, gender equality, empowerment of women as well as the Women, Peace and Security agenda, have long been a strong focus of Liechtenstein’s foreign policy. These are not women’s issues, they are human rights issues." In doing so she mentioned that "Liechtenstein, together with a group of like-minded countries, has been advocating within the United Nations for many years an increased role of women in preventive diplomacy, peace-building and conflict resolution. This includes the appointment of women as Special Representatives and Envoys of the UN Secretary-General because we are convinced that such appointments can play a catalytic role for the stronger involvement of women in peace processes."

La Verne University's "Campus Times" wrote an excellent summary of Ambassador Fritsche's speech.

Ambassador Fritsche was presented with the University of La Verne's first-ever Model United Nations "Speaker of the Year" award.

After a lunch meeting with the chair and faculty members of the History and Political Science Department, she sat down with about 40 Model United Nations students for an informal discussion.

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