Ambassador Fritsche Visits Nebraska

On July 18 and 19 Ambassador Fritsche visited Nebraska. After driving through parts of Kansas, her trip began in Lincoln where she was a special guest at the residence of Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. She was able to interact with about 60 guests representing the public and private sectors of Nebraska. Nebraska's Secretary of State, Jone Gale, presented Ambassador Fritsche with an honorary citizenship of Nebraska.

Ambassador Fritsche with Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and his daughter at the Cornhusker State Games.

Later Ambassador Fritsche attended the opening ceremonies of the Cornhusker State Games, a statewide amateur sports festival attracting thousands of participants from 70 countries in more than 60 competitive and participation sports.

Her second day in Lincoln entailed a tour of the State Capitol. Ambassador Fritsche capped off her trip with an air show at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue. The spectacle hosted various airplane models for military and private use. Ambassador Fritsche was able to meet with several representatives from the Air Force and Navy.

Ambassador Fritsche gets a tour of the Nebraska State Capitol.

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