Liechtenstein Profile: H.P. Gassner

Hans Peter Gassner (H.P. Gassner) has had a very successful artistic career in Liechtenstein and around the world. Born April 14, 1951, Gassner has focused his career on stamp, book, and exhibition design.

In 1976, Hans Peter Gassner founded his own graphic design company in Vaduz, which already has many notable accomplishments to its name. His company (Gassner, Grafisches Atelier [Gassner, Graphic Studio]) has designed over 100 stamps, 70 books, and countless corporate logos. It is recognized as the designer of the permanent exhibition in the Liechtenstein National Museum, as well as other exhibitions in Berlin and Moscow.

Stamps created by H.P. Gassner on the occasion of the 100th year anniversary of Liechtenstein stamps.

The World Fairs have also featured designs created by Hans Peter Gassner. He was named Project Leader and Designer of the Liechtenstein Expo-Pavilions at the 2000 World Fair in Hanover and the 2010 World Fair in Shanghai.

In 2012, H.P. Gassner designed an issue of Philatelie Liechtenstein, which commemorated the 100th year anniversary of Liechtenstein stamps. He created a stamp series portraying the four Liechtenstein Princes that have reigned since the appearance of the first Liechtenstein stamp in 1912. The Princes include Johann II, Franz I, Franz Josef II, and Prince Hans Adam II.

Hans Peter Gassner is currently the director for photography courses at an art and design school in St. Gallen, Switzerland (Höheren Fachschule für Künste, Gestaltung und Design). For more information on H.P. Gassner you can visit his website at

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