Salzburg Marionette Theater, Featuring Christiani Wetter, on Tour in the US

The Salzburg Marionette Theater is touring the US with not just one play but several. Amongst “Alice in Wonderland”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Magic Flute”, and “The Sound of Music”, the ensemble is also performing Richard Wagner’s “The Ring Cycle”. One of the two actors in this play will be the Liechtenstein-born actress Christiani Wetter.

Christiani Wetter (left) starring in the Salzburg Marionette Theater's verson of "The Ring Cycle" by Richard Wagner.

Christiani Wetter was educated at the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art London, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and the College of Music and Theater in Hannover. Over the last five years Wetter took on roles in several theaters in Germany and Austria, many at the Salzburger State Theater. Furthermore, she appeared in several movies like “Fussgängerland“ (2010) and "Schwarznull“ (2007). In Liechtenstein she acted in a play commemorating Liechtenstein's 200th year of sovereignty “Le Cirque Souverain” (2006) and in October 2013 in “Die Premiere – Das Spiel ist aus”.

For the first time in its history the Salzburg Marionette Theatre is staging works by Richard Wagner. A compressed version of “The Ring Cycle" premiered in cooperation with the Salzburg State Theater in March 2012. The staged version guides the spectator in a little more than two hours through Wagner's world of the Ring and shows the best known scenes through the unrivaled puppetry of the Salzburg Marionettes. In a very clear manner the audience is led through Wagner's epos. The simple form makes the production more easily understandable for Wagner beginners or a younger audience. However, the performance gives the Wagner enthusiast plenty of pleasure, musically involving Sir Georg Solti's acclaimed recordings of the operas. “The Ring Cycle” is directed by Carl Philip von Maldeghem. The play will be in German with English subtitles.

US Tour Dates:

Mesa, AZ: October 22-25 (Alice in Wonderland)

Irvine, CA: October 27 (The Magic Flute, The Ring Cycle)

Provo, UT: November 1 and 2 (Hansel and Gretel, The Sound of Music)

Davis, CA: November 7-10 (Hansel and Gretel, The Ring Cycle, The Magic Flute, The Sound of Music)

Las Vegas, NV: November 14-17 (The Magic Flute, Hansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland, The Sound of Music)

San Antonio, TX: November 20 (Hansel and Gretel, The Sound of Music)

Gainsville, FL: November 26-29 (The Ring Cycle, Hansel and Gretel, The Sound of Music, The Magic Flute, Alice in Wonderland)

Providence, RI: December 3 (Alice in Wonderland)

Richmond, VA: December 6 (The Magic Flute, Hansel and Gretel)

Stony Brook, NY: December 8 (The Sound of Music)

New York, NY: December 13-15 (Alice in Wonderland, The Ring Cycle)

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