DC Fifth Graders Visit The Embassy of Liechtenstein

On May 31st, 2017, a fifth-grade class from Eaton Elementary in Washington,DC visited the Embassy. The class had been paired with Liechtenstein through the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP) since November of 2016. The EAP is a global education program that links fifth and sixth grade classes with embassies and other global entities to provide DC Public School students with a unique opportunity to expand their global awareness.

Students show off their Liechtenstein stickers.

In November, the school was first visited by representatives of the embassy who taught students general facts about Liechtenstein – its location, history, government, and economy. At a second visit in December, the students learned about the dialects of German spoken in Liechtenstein and about celebrations in Liechtenstein, such as Saint Nicholas Day, Fasnacht, Liechtenstein's National Day, and the Alpabfahrt. At a third visit, embassy representatives informed students about Liechtenstein's geography, nature and landscape. The embassy concluded its visits to the school with a presentation on climate change and sustainability in Liechtenstein.

Fifth grade students from Eaton Elementary in Washington, DC visit Ambassador Jaeger at the Embassy of Liechtenstein.

To cap the progam off, students visited the embassy to meet with Ambassador Kurt Jaeger where they gave a presentation on what they learned. The students performed a medley of skits and dances highlighting Liechtenstein's history and culture. After the presentation, Ambassador Jaeger hosted the students for a lunch in his residence.

Students performed a number of skits about the history and culture of Liechtenstein.

On June 2nd, students from Eaton Elementary participated in the EAP’s Mini United Nations simulation representing Liechtenstein. There, the students debated the important topic of climate change and delivered a final presentation showcasing what they learned throughout the program.

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