Visit Liechtenstein This Summer! Award-Winning Hotels and Special Events

According to almost 36’000 hotel reviews, the Park-Hotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz has been ranked no. 1 in the region “East Switzerland and Liechtenstein.” The hotel located in Vaduz offers 29 uniquely furnished rooms, as well as the Restaurant Marée with One Michelin star and 16 Gault Millau points and several other awards.

The view from the terrace of the Park-Hotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz.

More has happened in the Liechtenstein hotel industry: For the first time 15 hotels in Liechtenstein were classified according to Hotelstars Union (HSU) criteria in March. Park-Hotel Sonnenhof received the rating of 4-Star Superior with four other hotels receiving a 4-Star Rating.

Not only does Liechtenstein provide a wide range of award-winning hotels but a number of tourist attractions and activities. If your travels are taking you to Switzerland, Austria, southern Germany or even northern Italy, consider staying a night or two in Liechtenstein located just a few hours away. For an overview of activities and events be sure to browse through the 2016 Tourism Brochure and visit Whether you enjoy the outdoors, sightseeing, culture and cuisine, food, wine and beer, Liechtenstein has an abuncance to offer. Book a hotel today!

Visit Liechtenstein this summer and experience the following special events. For an extended list of events, click here.

The Exhibition “1866” at the Liechtenstein National Museum, May 12 – September 11

"1866 - Liechtenstein at War - 150 Years Ago"

A new exhibition at the Liechtenstein National Museum will be open to the public from May through September 2016. Under the title “1866 – Liechtenstein at War – 150 Years Ago”, curator Peter Geiger presents Liechtenstein during a year that is not well-known to the public. In 2016, exactly 150 years later, we are reminded how Liechtenstein lost its international integration at the end of the German Confederation, but on the other hand gained real sovereignty for the first time. Based on the constitutional governmental principles of 1862, several reforms were undertaken and developments occured such as the establishment of schools, the first newspaper and clubs taking place.

The 17th LGT Alpine Marathon, June 11

The LGT Alpine Marathon is one of the only marathons where one runs along almost an entire country! With much of the course heading into the mountains, it is rated as one of the most challenging marathons in the world. It will take you from the town of Bendern located low in the Rhine Valley, all the way up to Malbun, the highest town in the Liechtenstein Alps. For those less willing to do a full marathon, there is the option to sign up to run a half-marathon. The organizers also offer a relay race where the first runner finishes in the town of Steg and the second runner continues the course up into the mountains. Deadline for online registration is June 3.

Liechtenstein's National Day, August 15

If you’d ask any Liechtenstein citizen when the best time to visit is, most would answer any time around August 15. On our national holiday everyone meets in Vaduz – for the school children returning to school after the summer break it’s the first time to see their friends again, and for the “older generations” it has become a tradition to watch the fireworks that traditionally take place at 10pm.

The day begins with an official act of state on the lawn next to Vaduz Castle. Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein and the President of the Parliament, Albert Frick, give speeches on the occassion of the national holiday. The formal act is followed by a reception in the princely rose garden at Vaduz Castle. This aperitif is hosted by the princely family and is open to the public free of charge, attracting hundreds of citizens and visitors every year. At 2pm celebrations and festivities begin in the Vaduz city center; the fireworks being the national day’s highlight. The city center is closed to traffic, allowing numerous booths, street vendors and carousels to set up along the streets. Liechtenstein people and visitors from all over celebrate until late that night! Learn more here.

Vintage Vehicle Show (Oldtimer Treffen), August 28

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ospelt.

An extraordinary collection of automobiles dating as far back as the early 1900s up until 1950 will be on display in the city center of Vaduz, Liechtenstein's capitol. At 11am the mint-condition vehicles will drive through the city center and park giving onlookers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the vehicles up close and interact with their owners. Last year 60 such vehicles participated. Admission for participation is free. Every participating vehicle receives a number, allowing visitors to vote for a winner. Click here for a video of the 2014 show.

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