High School Student Groups Visit the Embassy of Liechtenstein

In February Ambassador Claudia Fritsche received two groups of US high school students. The students were given a presentation by Embassy staff on the history of Liechtenstein as well as about its economy, form of government, foreign policy and culture. Students then met with Ambassador Fritsche for a discussion.

On February 11 a group from the International School of the Americas in San Antonio, TX, stopped by the Embassy to gain a better insight into topics such as education, arts and culture. They had a great interest in Liechtenstein’s school system, its costs and how arts and culture are included in students’ lives.

A day later, a second group of participating students of the 53rd North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN LIII) conference was received by Ambassador Fritsche. NAIMUN is run by Georgetown University students and is held annually. More than 3000 high school students from the US and abroad come to Washington, DC to participate at this conference. Ambassador Fritsche gave the students insight into her time as Ambassador to the UN.

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