University of Liechtenstein Law Students Visit DC

On May 14 and 15 a group of executive law students from the University of Liechtenstein visited Washington, DC as part of their curriculum to learn about the US judicial system. Their visit began at Georgetown University where they met with faculty of the McDonough School of Business led by Professor Michael Czinkota. There they discussed US tax policy and wealth management.

Students meet with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner.

The students also had an opportunity to learn more about the role of law in the US polticial system. They met with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, where he discussed the powers and role of the US congressional branch.

At the US Supreme Court.

Later, the students visited the US Supreme Court where they were able to learn more about US constitutional law and the role of the US' highest court. There they were also able to meet and have a discussion with Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalia where he talked about many aspects of US judicial structure including the importance of US state courts.

Students visit the US Department of Justice.

In conclusion, the students visited the US Department of Justice where they met with staff of the department's Criminal Division who work on international cases, led by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz.

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