Treasure Chamber Opens at the Liechtenstein National Museum

On March 31 the Liechtenstein National Museum opened the “Treasure Chamber” (Schatzkammer) exhibit. The collection consists of many possessions belonging to the Princely Family of Liechtenstein, as well as pieces from the private collection of the late art collector Adulf Peter Goop.

A replica of the Ducal Coronet (Herzogshut) of Liechtenstein.

The collection, which curator Rainer Vollkommer refers to as “From the Principality over the world into space,” features pieces that embody the long standing traditions and relations of the Liechtenstein Princely Family both nationally, internationally, and universally. The exhibit portrays over 800 years of history and offers an exceptional view of the Princely belongings. The Princely Family has one of the most extensive private art collections in the world and has been collecting art for over 400 years. The outstanding assortment of works amassed by the Princely Family represents the quintessential treasures.

The “Treasure Chamber” selection displays precious metals, art, weaponry, and gifts that have been part of the Princely Family for centuries. Adulf Peter Goop's collection contains many valuable paintings, heirlooms and assortments from across Europe and Eurasia including exquisite Russian Fabergé eggs and other ornate eggs created by Pavel Akimovitch Ovtchinnikov and Alexander Edvard Tillander.

The Apple Blossom Egg by Fabergé.

Some of the highlight pieces are the replica Ducal Coronet of Liechtenstein, which is a copy of the crown featured on the Liechtenstein flag. It was presented to Prince Franz Joseph II as a present from his constituents after the original went missing in 1781. The exhibit also displays Moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission, as well as a Liechtenstein flag which was carried to the moon during the expedition. In addition, there is the Apple Blossom Egg (Apfelblütenei), which is one of the most remarkable and recognizable Fabergé eggs, along with a selection of Goop’s private “Rhine Journey” paintings, which were created by Swiss painter, Johann Ludwig Bleuler. A truly extraordinary exhibition, the collection not only embodies the rich history of the Liechtenstein Princely Family, but also allows the public to view some of the art world’s most valuable treasures.

Museum hours are Tuesday-Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm, Wednesdays 10:00am-8:00pm, Mondays closed.

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