University of Liechtenstein Receives Top Ranking

A study of more than 2,000 students in Switzerland and Liechtenstein gave a stellar ranking to the University of Liechtenstein, rating it as the best university in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The study was conducted by the “Eduwo,” a new website that aims to combine student testimonials with key institutional information in order to provide students with a one-stop-shop for everything they need to choose the right university. Eduwo’s study asked participants to rate the professors, equipment, institutional organization, course content, and campus learning environment. The University of Liechtenstein’s President, Jürgen Brücker, cited the university’s small size as an asset, pointing to its personal feel and student-centric approach as important components of its success. President Brückner reflected on the high ranking from Eduwo, saying that "it's a bit like the hotel reviews. It makes us proud to know that students are enthusiastic about our university.”

University of Liechtenstein

The technical high school in Buchs, Switzerland, directly across the border from Vaduz, also received the top ranking for vocational schools. The NTB Technical High School receives funding from the government of Liechtenstein, and is led by Lothar Ritter of Mauren, Liechtenstein. Ritter responded to Eduwo’s ranking by saying that “we are pleased that our students have provided such reviews. We take the voices behind them seriously. Such reviews encourage us to discuss more with our students so that their education can be even better.”